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Welcome to the Official Kara Ho Kempo website. Here you are able to find out information on Kara Ho Kempo, School locations, and contact us.
Kara Ho Kempo is headed by Grandmaster Sam Kuoha, who trained under Professor Chow for many years and was chosen by Professor to lead the Kara Ho system.

Upcoming Event with Sam Kuoha:
Well, on Aug 19th, 2011 we are planning a huge 2-hour seminar at Kwai Sun Studios with Shihan Mendoza, Shihan John and myself doing the teaching for any students that want to attend. After that we will be filming the criteria tapes for 3 days with a professional. Hope to see everyone there.

Better late than never. There is a new Thunderflash newsletter that was suppose to be uploaded quite a while ago but due to a computer melt down and loss of data, it was lost for some time. I have recovered the file and uploaded what was the latest Thunderflash to the web page. Click on the Thunderflash link to the left and check it out!

Kara-Ho is now taking students from areas where there are no Kara-Ho Schools through the use of the latest technological inovations. Private training via videophone is being used for this and is having very positive results.
Call: (619) 312-4090 or e-mail: gm@karaho.com for further info

The following links will take you to Shihan Ka'imi Kuoha performing 2 different Ice Breaks and Sensei Alan performing an Ice Break with his head!

Karate Girl Breaks 500 lbs of Ice

Shihan Ka'imi breaks womens world record

Sensei Alan perfoms Ice Break with Head

The first two books on the Kara-Ho Kempo system have been released and are available for purchase.
The books can be ordered by sending a cashier's check or money order payable to Kwai Sun Co. in the amount of $22.76 for one book or $41.02 for both ($16.95 per book plus tax and $4.50 for shipping) to 21173 N 98th Dr., Peoria, AZ 85382.